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The family Dogs

The dog is man´s best friend and has been a companion to man through the millennia.

Family dogs give us joy and happiness and it´s proved that dogs have a very positive impact on human physical and mental health.

The dog is a companion in our daily lives and the need of your dog, that has to be satisfied by the food it eats, is completely individual. A dog that only does the daily walks around the neighborhood has a different need of energy than a dog that has a more active daily live with its owner and a dog of a smaller breed is in a totally different need than a dog of a larger breed.

We recommend the following food to family dogs:

Carrier Regular

One of our best sellers and a very popular all-round food for dog of all breeds. Contains a perfect energy level for your family dog and give the fur a nice and shiny look. Carrier Regular is also a perfect food for the dogs with a more active daily life.

Carrier Super Premium

Is recommended to dogs of larger breeds, dogs over 30 kg, and to the dogs with intense activity. Carrier Super Premium is also recommended to nursing and feeding bitches. With chicken as the main meat source and a higher content of fat it´s also a perfect food for fussy dogs.

Carrier Lamb & Rice

A popular everyday food for dogs of all breeds. Carrier Lamb & Rice is our most gentle food, containing only lamb as meat source, and is highly recommended for dogs with skin/fur problems, itching or food intolerance/allergy of any kind.

Carrier Chicken & Rice

Is also a very popular food and a best seller. Chicken and rice is a popular combination, Carrier Chicken & Rice contains only chicken as meat source, and is very gentle to the dog stomach. Chicken is also very tasty and the fussy dogs eat with good appetite.

Carrier Original

A food for the dog with a low to normal active life (daily walks). The content of 20% protein and 10% fat is a basic energy level for these dogs.

High-Energy Competition

A very popular food for dogs of giant breed and breeds with special need of a food high in energy and nutrition to keep their strength and muscles, ex, Rottweiler.

Tello Premium

A food recommended for family dogs of larger breeds. Contains an energy level a little bit higher than “normal” all-round food so it´s also suitable for family dogs with a more active daily life.

Tello Basic

Our most basic dog food. Recommended to dogs with low to normal activity level.


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