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Working dogs

It is said that it was the Indians who first started using the dog as a means to pull materials when they moved to different places. To use the dog as a supplement where man himself is not enough has been done in ancient times.

Sled dogs, herding dogs, retrieving hunting dogs are all good examples of where the dog actively is working with people and in our range we have several very good energy food for these dogs as they have a special need for energy-and nutrient-rich food.

The High-Energy series is one of the best high energy food on the Swedish market. Wheat-free, full of animal quality proteins and fortified with a high nutritional value they provide your working dog everything it needs to in order to be able to perform their best.

In the Tello series Tello High-Energy is our most popular energy food.

It is from fat the dog gets its energy. In winter, it is very important that you consider the right fat content of the diet because the dog should not only be able to perform but also stay warm. Many are gaining strength from their food during this period, and because we have energy food from 20% fat to an amazing 30% fat, the dog owners never have problems with needing to switch between different manufacturers to meet your dog’s needs.

From our dog food range, we recommend the following food for working dogs:

High-Energy Competition

- A good food for the dog that has uses a little less energy than a hard-performing dog. Enriched with additional vitamins and minerals to meet the the needs of a working dog but has a slightly lower fat content. A popular food among service and herding dogs.

High-Energy Professional

- Our best seller in the High-Energy series.

Suitable for most working dogs needs of all races and keeps your dog in a very good condition. A popular food among sled and hunting dogs.

High-Energy Extreme

- Our strongest food with a content of 30% fat. It’s the only Swedish-made food of its kind and is used especially during the winter months when many go up from Professional to Extreme to cover the dog’s need to also stay warm. A popular food for sled dogs who are particularly vulnerable to cold, combined with vigorous physical activity but also many hunters use High-Energy Extreme.

Tello High-Energy

- A very affordable högenergifoder and also this one is a best seller.

Popular food for dogs of all breeds with a higher energy and nutritional needs.

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